On 5 August 2021, ICC announced new YAF regional representatives for 2021 – 2023. The ICC Young Arbitrators Forum has named 89 new regional representatives for its 2021-2023 mandate, including appointments in 16 previously unrepresented countries.

Mr Kieu Anh Vu, founding and Managing Partner of KAV Lawyers, arbitrator of Southern Trade Arbitration Centre is only one representative of Viet Nam has been appointed as one of 14 Representative of ICC YAF – North Asia.

The Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF), the world’s largest network of its kind, is the International Chamber of Commerce’s young practitioners’ community dedicated to dispute resolution. ICC YAF is headed by the Global Coordinating Committee (GCC) and based in ICC’s Global Headquarters in Paris. There are seven YAF regional chapters, representing Africa; the Middle East and Turkey; North Asia; South Asia; Europe and Russia; Latin America; and North America. YAF enables young professionals to acquire new skills, proficiency, and knowledge, as well as better understand ICC’s arbitral procedure, as well as its other leading dispute resolution services.

ICC YAF Representatives are elected for a two-year mandate and responsible for the promotion of ICC’s dispute resolution services and the development of the more than 10,000-member network. Open to those aged 40 years or under, YAF enables young professionals to acquire new skills, proficiency and knowledge, including a better understanding of ICC’s arbitral procedure and other leading dispute resolution services.

Meet the roster of ICC YAF Representatives here.

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